Featured Photographs


This photo was taken in my wife Polly's garden. I happened to be writing a song not too long afterward with Jeff Bridges and John Goodwin which included, in a portion of the song, lyrics describing a hummingbird's dream. I am pleased with the photo and the song, as both convey the imagery of the surreal.

Lone Buffalo

Two years ago the buffalo were migrating out of Yellowstone Park, about twenty-five miles from where I live in Montana. A barricade on the road was set up to keep them from going too far north. I took this photo about ten miles from my home.

Sunday Best

Jamaica Dave (Dave Bernis) took a few of us on a photo outing. We had just finished another Feat camp in Negril. He said we would go to a couple of townships inland and see folks dressed in the their Sunday Best. This was taken in New Hope.

Jamaican Sugar Cane Workers

This is truly dangerous work. I was in a van when I snapped the photo. I was in Jamaica playing music with Little Feat. I was with a group of fans on a photo excursion when the photo was taken.

Aborigine Family in NYC

I was staying around the corner at the Trump Hotel on a Jimmy Buffett tour. I walked down to Columbus Circle and saw this man looming over this family. I kept taking photos until he left. The mother thanked me.

Cotton Bale, Texas

The imagery of the cotton bale brought back the following memory. As a child visiting relatives in Texas, my brother and I went out to the farm and were told to pick some cotton. Not easy, and we didn’t do it very long. The image speaks of a multi-layered past. Not all pleasant. Racial divides being a part of that past.