Richard Manuel’s Piano 

I was told Johnny Lee’s recording studio housed Richard Manuel’s piano. Paul Barrere had suggested we make use of Johnny’s place to record our next project. Not that I needed any persuading — Johnny’s studio is legendary. It is a converted garage separated from his home in the back on a quiet street in Studio City.




 Richie Hayward 

Vancouver Island Music Fest 7-11-10

We were all in anticipation of seeing Richie. It had been almost a year. We traveled up to Vancouver Island to play a concert, taking the next day off to visit with Richie and his wife Shauna at their home. Throughout that long year I had many conversations with Richie on the phone. There was not one time I didn’t hang up without crying.




 Gabe Ford 

The news was devastating. Richie Hayward’s health was in severe jeopardy. He would need time off for tests. The process could take a year or more, no one was sure. Originally he was slated to continue touring until the end of the year. But that was not to be.





 Joe Rocco 

“It’s a good feeling thing. You know, peace and harmony and humor.”

Joe Rocco and I are sitting in the back of a forty eight foot trailer, which holds all of Little Feat’s gear for touring. I’m asking him about the shrine he has set up and what its purpose is.

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